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Jiading District Tourism Information Centre staff participate in the "Shanghai tourist class" training

Date: 2013-07-10

July 4, Jiading District Tourism Bureau, Jiading District Tourism Association through the "Shanghai tourist class" held a reception area travel store special training, Jiading Tourist Information Center staff also participated in the training.

The training needs of an industry-led, focusing Shanghai tourism industry development hot and difficult problems, improve the management level of industry practitioners and service quality, to standardize the Shanghai tourism industry to further develop the role of industry associations. Its content includes outlets reception, communication skills for customer service, contracts signed, quality control, risk prevention, complaint handling and Tourism Law Publicizing. Training content-rich, targeted, and effectively improve the Jiading District Travel frontline employees comprehensive knowledge and operational level, to achieve the desired effect.

After this training seminars, case studies and Tourism Law of learning, we not only fully aware of the daily reception of the existence of deficiencies, but also improve their overall quality of service. For the future, give full play to the "Shanghai tourist class" role, and effectively improve the quality of service personnel counseling centers, and lay the foundation.