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The first Shanghai broadcasting festival opened on October 15

Date: 2015-09-25

"2015 Shanghai broadcasting day" on October 15, 2015 to October 24. SMG east broadcasting center will unite the nearly hundred Chinese radio at home and abroad, and jointly create a set of industry communication, integrating coal exploration, audience interaction in an event, to explore the more possibility of new medium of sound propagation environment, in order to another cultural event in Shanghai and across the country. Radio festival organizing committee held a press conference yesterday (September 22), officially released 2015 Shanghai radio section mark (logo), and introduced to the media broadcasting festival activities.
The broadcast section is the theme of the "whirlwind back east. On October 28, 1992, Shanghai Oriental radio station, opened in Shanghai have two radio stations at the provincial level, at the same time in shen to blow a stream of broadcasting a whirlwind. 23 years later, the theme of the Shanghai broadcasting festival "whirlwind back east" is not only the honor of history, also is Shanghai powerful declaration of radio in the future.
"2015 Shanghai broadcasting day" guidance unit for China's social organization federation of radio, film and television, by Shanghai radio and television, radio, film and television culture group co., LTD. (SMG), east broadcasting center to undertake.
Voice has the power, the quartet bosom friend
, Shanghai during radio broadcast all media production center part will be put into use, marks the Shanghai broadcasting open "+" Internet age; In July this year to start the work for the 11th "eastern imagination" global Chinese radio innovation programs competition also will be held in broadcast during the NBA finals and awards. A series of professional activities will broadcast the image to show the innovation of the new Shanghai radio audiences and the national broadcasting company.
Shanghai radio section strategic partners, exclusive audio support Archimedes FM will borrow the opportunity of radio section, with new sound "gen ShengTai, reengineering" as the theme for "2015" Archimedes' new media peak BBS, invite the national radio, audio technology, network radio station broadcasts the new media, new media, such as the common lighting audio technology experts in the field of development, the outlook "sound change life" not far in the future.
Voice with feeling, are all listening to the whole city
In order to let more people come to the radio, reevaluation of radio Shanghai broadcasting festival planning a series of colorful national interactive projects, 3 d studio experience thrilling anchor, Shanghai broadcasting festival art exhibition, Shanghai radio live show, movement offline activities, such as the 101 festival will voice in the streets of Shanghai light magic.
3 d virtual studio will take the lead in "open mic" multiple subway station in Shanghai, in the form of a three-dimensional painting wall lifelike scene reduction jungle, the sea, the polar regions, the elements, into the radio -- -- -- how interesting exaggerated "3 d studio" invite every passer-by experience a "thrilling anchor".
As a new attempt of broadcasting crossover, Shanghai broadcasting art show will make its debut in early October K11 shopping art center, through the change of the radio back auditory history, at the same time, the collection many kinds of precious voice, audio-visual interactive space for cooperate image, have the experience immersive sense the past, present and future of broadcasting.
On October 17, a special studio will also airborne K11, Shanghai famous radio presenters will relay to present a "Shanghai broadcast live show", not only to interact with the audience zero distance, also in 10 hours online synchronous broadcasting the hit the city.
Sound has a temperature, and good warm hearts
Due to the common "smell its voice only", radio and barrier-free film has a special public welfare activities of the fate. Shanghai, Shanghai radio section on the opening day of the disabled persons' federation and eastern broadcasting center will jointly unveiled the 2015 "international section for the blind and the Shanghai barrier-free film day", for hundreds of explanation barrier-free films for the visually impaired, and presents a special live. Will be released on October 17 limited Shanghai broadcasting festival special also set the braille page, the transfer of power of public spirit.
Radio and television broadcast section, as Shanghai art humanities development foundation, the first anniversary of Shanghai drama broadcast linkage national opera broadcasting union's dozen provincial radio jointly organized the "kyushu acrobatics, the national rare opera performance". Mining conductions pearl, creating exclusive for excellent domestic rare opera stage, the show will be broadcast during a extraordinary splendour.